Starlight OS

The beautiful, gaming centric and easy to use Operational System

  • Built by gamers

    Built by gamers

    Steam, console emulators and more available Read More
  • Music and Video

    Music and Video

    Listen to your favorite tunes on a variety of media players Read More
  • Ease of use

    Ease of use

    Easy to use and beautiful to look at Read More
  • Creative Tools

    Creative Tools

    Audio, Video and Music creation suite Read More
  • Learn science

    Learn science

    Comes with science teaching applications you will love to learn from Read More
  • Easy to customize

    Easy to customize

    Make Starlight look and feel the way you want Read More
  • Easy to install software

    Easy to install software

    Install a wide selection of free software in a few clicks Read More
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Safe and no ads

No ads

We don't make money from ads, we don't collect your data. Please consider making a donation if you enjoy using Starlight.

Can it run Windows games?

There's a large selection of native Linux games on Steam but If you want to run Windows software you can use the PlayonLinux app or run them inside VirtualBox.
Only the best

Only the best

Starlight comes with the best selection of software available for Linux. It will probably have what you need out of the box be it an Office Suite or audio/video production software.